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Q&A with Lucy McBride, Owner of Hood Hippie Vintage

By Lesley Burr September 10, 2018

This weekend I was hanging out with my friends Danielle and Lucy. All three of us took French in..

How to style a kimono jacket when you're not at a music festival

By Lesley Burr September 10, 2018

Kimono jackets are tricky to wear without looking like you're about to prance off to Lollapalooza,..

Gingham: The Most Versatile Print to Have in Any Wardrobe

By Lesley Burr April 18, 2018

Gingham is a print that brings to mind a lot of iconic imagery. Picnic tablecloths and Dorothy from 

NYE 2017 Lookbook

By Lesley Burr December 30, 2017

Had a lazy Saturday afternoon and spent it doing nothing but watching Netflix and trying on options..

What to Wear on NYE When It's Freezing

By Lesley Burr December 29, 2017

It's going to be -1 degrees on New Years' Eve in Boston this weekend, and I was just in a group..

How to Conquer Chiberia (and Still Feel Stylish While Doing it)

By Lesley Burr December 28, 2017

Subzero temps are a real style-killer. Being from Chicago where winters get so bad we change the..

A Thanksgiving outfit where comfort meets style

By Lesley Burr November 28, 2017

I remember a Thanksgiving dinner I went to a few years ago, where I met a woman just a few years..

How to Channel Your Inner Bella Hadid

By Lesley Burr November 24, 2017

Bella Hadid has mastered the sporty-meets-feminine ensemble. While a lot her her outfits are..

Playing Tourist on a Dreary Saturday in Boston

By Lesley Burr October 18, 2017

Saturday afternoon was perfectly dreary. Spent the day with my boyfriend, his sister and her family..


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