By Lesley Burr


IMG_0689-1.jpgEvery outfit has a story...

I began That Time I Wore with this notion in mind. Every experience had, every new human connection made, and every challenge overcome begins with getting dressed in the morning.

While eliminating extra decisions and tasks from daily life can make some people feel more productive, I think the little human rituals we each have at home are chances to bring ourselves a little bit of self-care before starting the day. For me, that self-care ritual involves opening my closet and kickstarting my creative energy by picking out something to wear. 

Finding ways to foster creativity in all aspects of my life is what initially drew me to fashion blogging. My first blog began organically when a college friend and I needed a little outlet from schoolwork, but we grew it (and our subsequent jewelry brand) into something that would get us through our early twenties and our first taste of the real world.

This time around the reason for starting a blog was a bit more purposeful. In an effort to be a product designer that actually eats her own dog food, I started this fashion blog on the platform I currently help build at work every day. But QA-ing is only a sliver of why this blog exists.

I hope girls that love fashion as much as I do can see that there are infinite doorways open to them if they are just bold enough to walk through them. And I hope that other people in tech that read this find a little spark of creative inspiration before starting the daily grind. 

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About Lesley

I'm a senior product designer at a tech company and live in Boston. I'm not a fan of mornings, but the prospect of putting together a great outfit (and solving real human problems) is one of a few things that will get me out of bed.

Learn more about me and my work by visiting my portfolio site.