10 Reasons To Be Thankful Flared Pants Are Back

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/21/15 12:04 AM

I was in the third or fourth grade when flared pants made their revival in the late 90s. This was my fashion-awakening. 

It was storytime. Or recess. Something that involved my classmates sitting on a colorful rug in a group. I was between two of my friends. One of them was the queen bee of elementary school. The other... not so much. Queen Bee had come to school that day wearing the most peculiar pants. They were slim down the thigh, but ballooned out at the knee and hid her shoes. I was baffled -- what were those things? Not So Much clearly was baffled too, but being much more brash than I, she immediately pointed them out, nose wrinkled in disgust.

"They're called flares," Queen Bee said wisely.

Not So Much told her they were weird. 

"They're in," Queen Bee insisted.

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How To Dress Like Bloggers Trop Rouge and The Spicy Stiletto

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/18/15 9:52 AM

Fashion Week is an opportunity to see the amazing work of talented designers around the world, but it also is a way to see how those high fashions are translated into wearable looks for the street. 

Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge and Serena Goh of The Spicy Stiletto are two of the top fashion bloggers on the planet, and they killed it the first day in New York. 

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Wear Pink This Valentine's Day

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/13/15 9:00 AM

Most of the time the color pink makes me barf (says the girl whose favorite color is black). But Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I'm embracing the hue with vigor, partly because I have someone to share it with, and partly because street style featuring candy-colored tones has been on point lately.

Whether taken or single, planning a cozy night in or a crazy night out, here are seven different ways to wear cotton candy pink without looking like a cliche or a walking heart-shaped doily. 

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12 Stylish Ways to Wear Puffer Coats in Boston Blizzards

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/9/15 3:37 PM

Fun fact: Last January when I was still living in Chicago, I got a few "cold days" from work, meaning it was so freezing outside, it was deamed too dangerous to do anything. So of course, on those days, I spent half my time working in my pjs, and the other half conducting winter science experiements in my backyard. 

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