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Goth Princess at Gym Class: Fenty x Puma

A lot of films from my childhood and pre-teen years have gotten dumber as I've aged, but two classic mid 90s films, The Craft and Clueless, definitely get better and better every time. Anyone that knows me even a little bit can pretty easily figure out my closet has always been heavily influenced by these films -- mainly because my favorite color is black, and I shop like I have a robotic, rotating closet (alas, I don't).

Both films feature tough and witty ladies, that manage to look a bit rebellious, sexy, and fabulous at all times, no matter if they're casting spells or facing PE class with dread.

the-craft-grunge-fashion.jpgFrom The Craft

clueless-gym-outfits.jpgFrom Clueless

Rihanna's Fenty x Puma collection oozed this same witchy, goth princess vibe -- if said princess was off to the gym. Easy sportswear, sexy lace-up details, sleek sheaths, and elegant shapes were at the core of this collection, accented by sheer layers, peek-a-boo body chains, and heavy black lipstick.









At this moment, I'm supposed to be grabbing some drinks before a showing of The Craft on 35mm at Brattle Theatre. But I'm happily home in sweatpants instead -- you know how it is. Rihanna's line is so good, it makes me almost want to change my mind about being a couch potato tonight, and uber over to Harvard Square to meet my friends, wilst wearing my blackest fur coat, little suede choker, and lips by Kylie Jenner in True Brown K

Shop some of my gothic/sporty picks of the moment:



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