Wear Pink This Valentine's Day

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/13/15 9:00 AM


Most of the time the color pink makes me barf (says the girl whose favorite color is black). But Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I'm embracing the hue with vigor, partly because I have someone to share it with, and partly because street style featuring candy-colored tones has been on point lately.

Whether taken or single, planning a cozy night in or a crazy night out, here are seven different ways to wear cotton candy pink without looking like a cliche or a walking heart-shaped doily. 


Give the color a tomboy twist by pairing a girly blouse with suspenders. For a high-fashion take, wear both suspenders over the same shoulder.

Street style girl in suspenders and pink shirt
Source: NYMag


A thin turtleneck and ankle socks make a fancy cocktail dress day-time ready. 

Street style girl in turtleneck and cocktail dress


Soften a tough leather look by layering soft pink and white mesh shirts.

Street style girl in leather skirt and mesh top
Source: WhoWhatWear


Loosen up a prim and proper pleated dress with a pair of worn-in sneakers.

Street style girl in pleated dress and sneakers
Source: Teen Vogue


Embrace the winter weather and let your outerwear speak for itself. Keep the rest of your look simple. 

Street style girl in pink fur coat
Source: PopSugar


Streamline an oversized t-shirt with a slim midi skirt and pointed metallic boots.

Street style girl in pink midi skirt and metallic booties
Source: Total Beauty


Thigh high boots look classy, not trashy, when paired with a soft, baggy sweater and collared blouse.

Miroslava Duma in pink sweater, jeans, and thigh high boots
Source: Pretty Stuff


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