12 Stylish Ways to Wear Puffer Coats in Boston Blizzards

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/9/15 3:37 PM

Star Wars Hoth Snow Scene with Fashion Collage

Fun fact: Last January when I was still living in Chicago, I got a few "cold days" from work, meaning it was so freezing outside, it was deamed too dangerous to do anything. So of course, on those days, I spent half my time working in my pjs, and the other half conducting winter science experiements in my backyard. 

It was so cold, boiling water turned to steam instantly upon contact with air.

So you can imagine, when I accepted a new job offer and moved to Boston this past November, I thought I was going to have an easy -- even warm -- winter. I was completely, utterly wrong. I'm writing this post during my third Monday blizzard in three weeks. Every time I walk around the North End I feel like I'm navigating a walled-maze, and I'm beginning to think there should be height requirements to go outside, because if it snows anymore, I'm going to be buried under a pile where no one can find me.

I've already given up on the MBTA, but I will not let myself, or you, fall into a style rut. Snowboots, puffer coats, and all, there are still ways to show off your style no matter what the temperature.


Play with different-length layers. Pair a ankle-grazing cardigan with a short coat in contrasting colors.

Kendall Jenner Winter Street Style

Source: WhoWhatWear



Go big or go home. Puffer coats are huge anyway, so why not ham it up with cuffed boyfriend jeans and an oversized flannel?

Sidewalk Catwalks Street Style

Source: Sidewalk Catwalks



A kimono-shaped coat with wide cropped sleeves adds intrigue to any simple outfit. Style it with skinny jeans and brightly colored tops to make the silhouette really shine.

Vanessa Jackman Street Style Photography Puffer Jacket

Source: Vanessa Jackman



A neutral color coat in a long length is instantly elegant.

Winter Street Style

Source: Elle



Keep your parka from looking frumpy on a night out by pairing it with a sweater dress and thigh high boots.

Rihanna Puffer Jacket Thigh High Boots Fashion

Source: WhoWhatWear



Puffer coats are already distinctly unfeminine, so play up your inner tomboy by pairing yours with a baseball cap and overalls. 

Cara Delevingne in Parka for DKNY

Source: What Do I Wear



Forget dealing with zippers. Leave your coat undone and belt it for a waist-flattering style.

A Portable Package Fashion

Source: A Portable Package


Choose a coat in a textured wool fabric to match your office-ready style.

Closet Voyage Fashion

Source: Closet Voyage



Throw a faux fur stole over your sporty down jacket and easily dress up any casual look.

Jessica Hart Parka

Source: Zimbio


Fully embrace the cold with a cocoon-shaped hood.

Parka with cocoon hood

Source: Pop Sugar


Powder blue is in fashion this year, so why not let candy colors be the focus of your winter ensemble? Match your shoes to highlight the coat, and keep everything else simple.

Baby Blue Coat worn at Fashion week

Source: Mark D. Sikes


Try a modified form of colorblocking by matching your coat and purse.

Color blocked coat street style


 Shop some of my favorite coats below:

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