The Easiest Way To Embrace 90s Fashion Trends At The End Of Summer

Posted by Lesley Burr on 9/21/15 3:00 PM

We had a heat wave the first weekend in September which gave me one last excuse to unabashedly dress like a teenager at a music festival before summer ends. 

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4 Ways To Be Stylish (And Lazy) At Fashion Week

Posted by Lesley Burr on 9/15/15 9:49 PM

Usually fashion week brings the most creatively stylish people out of the woodwork, but lately I've been seeing another trend, one that gives off vibes of: a) too tired to give a shit, and b) what am I doing here, lol?

Maybe these folks are just so over the same old NYFW scene that they don't even want to bother anymore, or maybe they're trying too hard to look like they didn't try hard. Either way, I think we can take a little bit of inspiration from them for our every day lives. Sometimes it's good to just not care too much.

Here are four ways to look like a fashion week veteran without even trying:

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