The Easiest Way To Embrace 90s Fashion Trends At The End Of Summer

Posted by Lesley Burr on 9/21/15 3:00 PM

We had a heat wave the first weekend in September which gave me one last excuse to unabashedly dress like a teenager at a music festival before summer ends. 

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How To DIY A Negative Space Manicure

Posted by Lesley Burr on 3/1/15 10:06 PM

Painting your own nails is harder than it looks. Unless you're ambidextrous, you tend to wind up with one of your hands looking prettier than the other. And DIY nail art is almost unthinkable.

Tape, however, is a game changer for at-home manicures. Suddenly the possibilities are endless.

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10 Reasons To Be Thankful Flared Pants Are Back

Posted by Lesley Burr on 2/21/15 12:04 AM

I was in the third or fourth grade when flared pants made their revival in the late 90s. This was my fashion-awakening. 

It was storytime. Or recess. Something that involved my classmates sitting on a colorful rug in a group. I was between two of my friends. One of them was the queen bee of elementary school. The other... not so much. Queen Bee had come to school that day wearing the most peculiar pants. They were slim down the thigh, but ballooned out at the knee and hid her shoes. I was baffled -- what were those things? Not So Much clearly was baffled too, but being much more brash than I, she immediately pointed them out, nose wrinkled in disgust.

"They're called flares," Queen Bee said wisely.

Not So Much told her they were weird. 

"They're in," Queen Bee insisted.

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